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What is Lymphatic Flow Yoga?

Why join? 

The benefits are endless.. 

I first began teaching lymphatic yoga flows when I became a certified lymphedema therapist. With the knowledge of the lymphatic system, awareness of how the fluid moves throughout our bodies along with my experience as a occupational therapist and certified yoga instructor BWB lymphatic flow was born. 

What is lymphatic flow yoga?
Lymphatic yoga is a mindful movement practice with a focus on improving lymphatic health through guided self-manual lymph drainage (MLD), emphasis on breath work, awareness of the lymph pathways, and the use of muscle pumps to assist lymph flow to cleanse and clear the mind and body.

Components of our practice (AKA ways we move lymph) 

1. Deep breathing (diaphragmatic breathing) 

2. Self Manual Lymph Drainage (self MLD)

3. Muscle Pump Activation (asana - yoga poses)

4. Mindfulness (feel to heal) 

What are the benefits?
Improving lymphatic health is a great way to also improve your digestive, immune, and mental health. Lymphatic draining can reduce bloating, release excess fluid in the body, and balance the vital life force energy that flows through all living things.


Fluid = Energy


Understanding the pathways and body map of the beautiful lymphatic rivers running through our bodies allows us to encourage physical and mental relief and restoration.

Learn, feel & heal.

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Monday Night
ZOOM Drop-In Class

Join me every monday night from 6:00-6:45pm EST on zoom for a live lymphatic yoga flow.   10$ donation goes towards my scholarship program for individuals with lymphatic disorders. EVERYBODY is welcome.


Balance With Babz

Free lymphatic yoga practices on the floor and on a chair for YOU. You will also find many s elf-manual lymph drainage educational videos, wrist-free yoga, and adaptive chair  yoga practices. Please subscribe!

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Six Week Lymphatic Yoga Wellness Programas

I have three six week zoom programs that you can join! 

1. Living With Lymphedema/Lipedema (chair and floor)

2. Lymphatic Adaptive Chair Yoga

3. Lymphatic Wrist-Free Yoga

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