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This five week journey will help you to improve lymph flow, range of motion, strength and encourage mind/body restoration. It will also help you to improve your mental clarity, stability and reduce your stress levels to feel better in your everyday life. 


If you have already been diagnosed with lymphedema this will help you to manage, and improve your symptoms and provide you with amazing self-care tools to help you for a lifetime.  If you are at risk, the videos will help you to reduce your risk and learn to improve lymph flow in your body. 


I have created this program for my wonderful BWB community to assist with accountability, structure and direction. 


There are over 31 lymph flow yoga videos, and over 10 meditation videos to help support and guide you to lymphatic health and wellness. 


Engaging in daily practices will help you to regain mental and physical strength in a slow, steady and sustainable way. 



-Babz & Benny

Breast Cancer Self-Led Lymph Flow Journey

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