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When you’re dealing with a chronic disease (or really any life stressing event) your energy level and mind-set can change day by day.


That’s why I created a 3 part guide to create balanced energy, while improving your lymphatic health.


High Energy - (gittery, anxious, all over the place) this can be viewed as the leaves of a tree (vulnerable, fragile).

Balanced Energy -  (alert & calm) this can be viewed as the branches (adaptive, move around but maintain equilibrium)

Low Energy - (apathetic, low motivation, sadness), this can be viewed as the trunk and roots (immobile, stuck).


Purchase and you will receive:

  • Lymphatic energy series (3 new videos) includes leaf, branch & trunk lymphatic yoga videos

  • Guidance how to complete self manual lymphatic drainage

  • Breathing exercises to regulate your energy

  • Warm welcome to Balance With Babz community, and you will recieve weekly e-mails and updates. 

Lymphatic Energy Tree

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