Private virtual yoga

Private Virtual Yoga
Program Description


Meets via Zoom (link will be sent to participants upon payment)

Private Sessions Costs:

45 minutes one on one $100

5x 45 minutes one on one

private pass  $450

Group Sessions 45 minutes:

2 People $50 each

3 People $40 each

4 People $30 each

5 People or more $20 each

Program Description

We are offering PRIVATE Virtual Yoga sessions for anyone who:

  • Has injuries that are limiting your ability to practice in a class setting (specifically tennis/ golfers elbow, wrist sprain, wrist fracture, finger/ hand injuries, shoulder injuries, knee/ hip pain/ injuries)

  • Has a cancer or lymphedema diagnosis and wants to learn how to perform self manual lymph drainage to improve the health of their lymphatic system through their yoga practice.

  • Is a beginner and wants personal attention to learn about yoga and meditation.

  • Is interested in learning about chakras, and to be more in tune with their energy.

  • Wants personal reiki sessions from the comfort of their own home.

  • Wants an ergonomic assessment of their home work space along with a home exercise program to increase postural alignment and awareness while working from home.

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