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Hello & Welcome to this "Living With Lymphedema/Lipedema" Yoga wellness FLOOR program.


This program has six videos from the six week course. Each video has 10-20 minutes of education and 20-40 minutes of lymphatic flow yoga.


The class topics include:

1. What is the lymphatic system/lymphedema/lipedmea? What is lymphatic flow yoga?

2. How does lymph fluid move?

3. Manual Lymph drainage pathways and how to complete self-MLD

4. Compression Garments

5. Mental, physical and social well-being living with a chronic condition

6. Nutrition & Trending Topics


The live program runs one hour per week. I have removed the participant discussion to protect participate privacy.


If you enjoy this program, and would like to join the next live program can be found on my website under programs.




2023 Living With Lymphedema/Lipedema Yoga Wellness Program

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